Our mission statement

HealthCare Konnect is a force to bring forward proposals that proactively changes the medical and health approach. The African countries allows for urgent, necessary and extraordinary experimentation.
The professionalism combined between computer aided diagnostic and human knowledge is decisive.
The patients and the caregivers are in an environment which offers an availability of expertise and speed in the care. The hospital, the care and the medical skills come to surround the patient.
The patient will no longer necessarily be forced to go to a large hospital center.
This experience on African countries will most likely be an example in other countries in particular in Europe.

This assumes that technological innovations combines with R&D-oriented systemic thinking: simplifying, finding new paths, sharing information and experiences, daring to change. Decompartmentalising skills is the rule of the new approach. Hierarchies become networks and exist only in the service of the skills delivered.

A climate of freedom, pleasant relationships, accepting some organizational constraints and flexible protocols, is part of the culture of contacts. Leaving a good degree of independence while having a reflex of sharing is the key to success.

The reliability, the guarantee of the product and services delivered is done under the control of shared indicators and reviewed if necessary.

The brand and reputation of HCK brings success without arrogance but with careful monitoring of its professional management and its perception. Marketing is present without aggressiveness, but with consistency.

Social and commercial relations are carried out with mutual respect, knowing how to maintain distance in order to preserve independence of spirit and multi-cultural values.

The degree of delegation of operations is high which motivates teams to increase in power and efficiency. In case of operational problems HCK offers effective support.

Financially speaking, the business model is to create win-win relationships both in profitability and in time management. You have to give as much as you expect to receive.