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Identify Women with a Risk for Coronary Heart Disease

It is well-known that coronary heart diseases in women remain undetected for too long, which can have fatal consequences.

cmAngio produces a CureMetrix Bradley ScoreTM based on the
existence and characteristics of breast arterial calcifications in a mammogram. This proprietary score can then be used by
care teams to assess a patient’s risk for CHD directly from the
mammogram. The Bradley Score and associated risks for CHD can be tracked over time to help patients and doctors assess health profiles.

Once validated, cmAngio can be used as a clinical decision support tool to enable physicians and healthcare teams to:

        Identify women with a risk for coronary heart disease during
        routine breast cancer screening using mammography.
        Power clinical protocols that allow women at risk to be seen by
        their primary care physicians or cardiologists.
        Help women who might otherwise have remained undiagnosed
        for too long.
        Ultimately reduce costs in the healthcare system while
        potentially saving lives.


Density Categorization

The impact of breast density on cancer detection is so significant that the FDA requires that mammography reports include an
assessment of breast density as well as notifying patients of their breast density.

Radiologists are required to provide a qualitative and quantitative assessment of breast density:

        Classification ranges from A to D, with D being extremely dense.
        Mammography centers are required to inform patients if they
        have heterogeneously dense or extremely dense breasts.


Why cmDensity?

cmDensity is an AI-based tool designed to help radiologists classify density accurately, consistently and with a high level of confidence. Based on a recent study, cmDensity:

        Helps radiologists classify density with improved
        consistency, reducing intra and inter-reader variability.
        Helps radiologists quickly identify the correct BIRADS 5th
        Edition density with demonstrated 4-class (A-D) accuracy.

In a clinical setting, the cmDensity assessment automatically
populates the report for subsequent validation by the radiologist. This highly efficacious, automated density tool helps radiologists more to quickly, accurately, and consistently meet FDA’s density reporting requirements.

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